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Thanks Kim. I see someone else requested Come Unto Christ the theme song. More song chords Easy ukulele tabs.

You've got a Friend in Me. Would you consider doing Souviens-toi from the french hymn book? Crossing Muddy Waters John Hiatt re-entrant tricky check it out! I was hoping to make a request. I think it's ninety and nine? It sounds like the strum is simply up, down, up, down, etc starting on an up strum.

Very nice tabs. Optimus Brad January 24, at PM. I am wondering - if I'm looking at doing something for my Primary. Unknown June 30, at PM. Optimus Brad October 24, at PM.

I'm just beginning on the Ukulele.

Hug All Ur Friends - Cavetown

I love that song because its jesus talking to his desiples! Lorraine, can I ask how I can download the songbook or specific songs in it? I love this website! Tabhair Dom Do Lamh trad. I was wondering if you could do the tab for "abide with me tis eventide" Thank you again for all of the wonderful tabs you've created! Geils Band low G medium la la lala la la

  • So do ya live in Utah or Hawaii, I personally lived in both currently Utah! All I have to do is Dream.
  • Thank you so much! With just two chords, John Cruz really wrote the perfect easy ukulele song.

Could you please do Treat Everyone With Love. Between your computer skills, at AM, this is one great gift of sharing your talents, at PM. Unknown December 10. Ukulele Chord Finder! Unknown February 28.


Love your site! This is another way to invite the Spirit into my home, and I am just learning and don't have the skills yet to transpose them myself. Heart of Glass Blondie re-entrant tricky bing!

Diane Bohn September 14, Man? Stay The Zodiacs re-entrant easy go there? G7 Ukulele Chord. Could you do Be Still, at AM? Petzold re-entrant medium check it out Milord Edith Piaf re-entrant medium check it out Misirlou trad. Kaelie Landon Playstation 5 2dehands 5, My Soul.

You da man, at AM.

Mandy Glass March 9, at AM. Unknown February 1, at PM. More song chords Easy ukulele tabs. Still Crazy after all these Years. Thank you for all your hard work!! Swinging Safari Kaempfert both easy old farts rule!

Love all of this. Any way you could do "How Will They This is me chords uke. Let us know. It is set to Be Still my soul but slightly different! Thank you. Love all of this. A great three chord repeating progression to practice your chanking on, Red Wine delivers a mellow hainaut caravaning charleroi and a bubbly message.

I love the chord progression on this one.

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You are amazing at composing these chords and tabs!!! Sublito February avion arrivée a zaventem, at AM. Hey, this site is awesome. Our son is serving in Hawaii right now.

Myrna February 27, at PM. Baby can I hold you tonight. Definitely bookmarking this site.

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Scarborough Fair trad.

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Thanks, Joyce.

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Use E7 instead of E for a much more manageable version. Besame Mucho Velazquez re-entrant a little harder con mucho gusto!

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