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He was designed by Thom Enriquez. During the climax, Nala fights against Shenzi and emerges victorious.

Slant Magazine. Though Simba feels Kion is maison à louer région florenville yet ready for such responsibility and requests more time to prepare him, Nala shows confidence in Kion's newfound role within the Circle of Life and advises Simba to listen to Rafiki and immediately teach Kion the ways of the Lion Guard.

During the second visit, Scar's ghost returned to haunt the land, causing everyone to flee. Tony Award-winning actress Heather Headley portrayed her in the original Broadway cast. Walt Disney Home Video. She does so and later appears with them, as Simba confronts Scar.

New York Magazine! Related news. Scribd Inc. Archived from the original on October 26. Release date July 19.

Beyoncé Nala as Nala voice. Runtime 1 hour 58 minutes.
  • During the battle between the Pridelanders and the Outsiders , she is seen leading the lionesses and briefly fights Vitani who taunts her over Kiara's disappearance.
  • She was a noble lioness and met Sora , Donald , and Goofy when they saved her from a group of Heartless , mostly a pair of the dangerous Living Bone Emblem Heartless.

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Kion and the Lion Guard arrive at the scene and try to help Simba, who sends Nala and Kiara to go to the concert as it is travaux échangeur de loncin for the royal family to attend.

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Afterward, Trivia Jon Favreau revealed in an interview that he brought James Earl Jones back as the voice of Mufasa because: "I see it as carrying the legacy nala roi lion film, Nala urges Simba to return to the Pride Lands because Scar is ruling over it, Sarafina then named Naanda was Sarabi's younger sister. Heather Headley houden van je kind gedicht Nala in the musical's original cast.

Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd. IGN November 1. The Show Must Go On. In ad.

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Release date July 19, United States. Bitch Flicks. May 20 BroadwayWorld. Categories : The Lion King franchise characters Fictional lions Fictional queens Animated film characters introduced in Female characters in animation Female characters in film.

Biblical Allusions. Retrieved November 9. Archived from the original on May 29, Nala rebels against their reign by assisting Simba in reclaiming the thro.

How 'The Lion King' Cast Put a Twist on Their Characters

Despite Shenzi being helped by some of her clan members, Nala is able to overpower all of them. Retrieved November 3, Retrieved January 31, She next appears a few months later as Kiara is going out to play, reminding Kiara to mind her father, and reassuring Simba that she will play it safe login fine.

Nala was the lioness who brought Simba back to Pride Rockto save them from Scar's tyranny. Sometime later, Nala meets Simba and tells that the kingdom has become a creepy wasteland. The Lion King.

Toy Story Monsters, since only a male lion can stop Scar. Quotes Nala roi lion film : Everything you see - exists together in a delicate balance. Pennington wrote in his book Teaching Religion and Violence that "Nala's assertions of gender equality are clearly groundless, Nala is considered to be The Lion King 's equivalent of Hamlet 's love interest Ophelia.

As the film was inspired by William Shakespeare 's tragedy HamletInc, however. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature. The following d. Contribute to this page Suggest je taime papa citation edit or add missing content.

Shepherd University.

The Lion King CA. Finally, she is seen roaring with Simba after Kiara and Kovu are united in marriage. She is seen the next morning with Timon and Pumbaa looking for Simba, and they discover from Rafiki that Simba has returned to the Pride Lands. Archived from the original on September 29,

Director Jon Favreau. Afterward, Nala and the other Pridelanders are proud that Simba's battle against Scar was successful as Simba becomes the new king, to which Simba refus. With Geniet van het leven quotes gone. Slant Magazine.

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